We have partnered with PhoneTree® to bring you even more options for your ChurchPro system. All of your members' contact information that is in your ChurchPro database can be automatically transferred into your PhoneTree® device bringing you all the benefits that come along with it. Read below to learn more.


Welcome to the easiest-to-use and the most flexible voice messaging application solution: PhoneTree® VoiceWave™. Designed for those who need to contact groups of all sizes by phone message. VoiceWave is perfect for faith-based organizations, businesses, civic groups and more.

VoiceWave™ Plus

VoiceWave™ Plus is designed for organizations with more flexible voice messaging communication needs. This easy-to-use product is extremely cost effective and includes all the features of VoiceWave™ with the added ability to send emails or text messages with FreeText™ to all or a part of your contact list. The Touch-Tone Replies For Polling feature allows you to set different messages to be played when your recipients enter a touch-tone digit. This is useful for taking simple surveys or confirming an appointment or attendance to an upcoming event. You can get up to 5,000 FREE text messages.

VoiceWave™ Premium

VoiceWave™ Premium is designed to handle complex communications with constructed messages, Text-to-Speech conversation and the most advanced voice messaging application options in the industry. This highly customizable software provides the capability for significant calling job demands with multiple line dedication in order to reach all contacts in a limited amount of time. You can get up to 10,000 FREE text messages.


Which PhoneTree® System is Right for You?

VoiceWave™ Plus
VoiceWave™ Premium
Easy Importing from Your Software
Selectable Calling Times, Days and Dates
Separate Answering Machine Messages
Multiple Options for More Information
Automate your Tasks and Reports
Call Wizard (Guided Message Creation)
Duplicate Name and Number Screening
Personalized Views
Remote Operation with Voice Prompts
Night (After Hours) Messaging Mode
Press Star (*) to Repeat Message
Volunteer Management
Message Delivery Reliability Option
Unlimited List Capacity
Blocked Numbers
Advanced Dialing and Translation
60 Calls Per Hour, Per Phone Line
High-Quality Recordings
Professional Headset for Record/Play
USB Compatible
Social Media Posting
FreeText™ Messaging
SMS Text Messaging
Email Messaging
Touch-Tone Replies for Response
Multi-Lingual Messaging
Virtual Mailboxes
Simultaneous Messaging
Priority Calling
Accessible from Network
Up to 48 Telephone Lines
Contact Groups
Custom Messaging
Alternate Phone Numbers
Spoken Date and Time