ChurchPro 2020 - Professional Church Accounting Software

Church accounting software that you can count on

Our church system is an all-in-one solution. This means you only have to purchase one church software package to manage your ministry. CP has been proven in the workplace for over 21 years. With our financial software you can track your donations, do payroll and manage your checkbook. Our church management software will help you keep records of all your members, decisions and attendance.

CP has over 400 forms and over 900 ready made professionally designed reports to help you administer every part of your ministry. CP church software, with our integrated modules, will be the hub of your ministry wheel, taking the tedium out of ministry and giving you more time for your people.

ChurchPro offers you peace of mind, ease of use and great value for the price. Your budget won't be stressed by its low price.

We also have an easy to use online program starting at $39.95 month. Click here to get started for free

Best of all, it Includes free check scanning, barcoding, and self check-in programs!


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From one of our users:

"ChurchPro has the functions of a local church in mind and I highly recommend this program for all who work in church management and accounting."

"I think the ChurchPro software is the most efficient and effective tool available to churches. The price is great. I love it!"


ChurchPro Features

Accounting and Finances - Manage and track multiple checking and savings accounts, contributions and pledges, payroll, budget reports, end-of-year reports, and more with our church accounting software!

Contributions - Enter your contributions and print year-end donor statements with our church contribution software.

Payroll - Automatically deducts Federal, Medicare & FICA taxes. You may print 941, W-2, W-3, and 1099 MISC forms. You can print Payroll checks with YTD information.

Employees - Track employee's hours with an easy to use login system. Maintain a list of all of your officers, offices, and mailing addresses. Keep track of employee's personal, sick, and vacation days.

Security - Set up unique user passwords and logins, table passwords, an admin module, and the ability to assign user rights.

Scheduler, Events, Calendars - Create to-do lists and easily schedule various activities and events that are taking place at your church and import into your printable monthly calendar.

Church, School, and Group Attendance - ChurchPro will keep track of roll sheets, attendance, and many other statistics for your church programs.

Self Check-In - Offers a touch screen self check-in feature for church attendees and secure child check-in.

Ministry - Easily maintain and track all of your church's ministries, including Christian service, counseling, visitation and outreach programs. Send cards and letters to visitors and members.

Members - ChurchPro allows you to enter an unlimited amount of members into your database. You can track addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, and much more, and print full color photo directories.

Mailmerge Letters and E-mail - Create your own letters or customize prebuilt letters. Send letters to either individuals or groups. E-mail to church absentees, groups, and SS absentees.

ChurchPro is Networkable - Work across multiple computers and upgrade your data in real time on your network.

ChurchPro Online Version - Access your data from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, and enjoy the added capability of being able to run ChurchPro on your tablet or smart phone!

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