Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the recommended system requirements for ChurchPro?
We suggest no less than 3GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) and at least 512MB of free hard disk space and a Windows OS environment. A monitor or screen with a minimum resolution of 1280x720 is required.
Which operating systems will ChurchPro run on?
ChurchPro will run on any Windows operating system including Windows 10. ChurchPro will run on a Mac if there is a Windows environment installed.
Will ChurchPro run on a Mac?
ChurchPro will run on a Mac only if you have Parallels software and a Windows environment installed.
Can data be converted into ChurchPro from other programs?
Membership data can be converted into ChurchPro files as long as it can be made available in certain formats. There is a small fee associated with this service. Click here to learn more.
Can data be exported out of ChurchPro?
Yes, you can export to Excel spreadsheets and to .rtf formats.
Are there different versions of ChurchPro?
Yes, there are three different versions: Basic, Complete, and Business. Click here to find out which one suits your needs.
How much does ChurchPro cost?
Systems start at $349. Click here for more pricing information.
Are there any recurring charges?
If you are using the standalone version of ChurchPro there are no mandatory recurring costs. ChurchPro Online users do pay a monthly fee. The amount will depend on how many users you need. Click here to learn more. Other recurring fees that are not mandatory may include tech support, databank, and/or tax table updates.
Which programming language is ChurchPro written in?
ChurchPro is written in Corel Paradox 10 & 11.
Is there a limit to the amount of data that I can enter into ChurchPro?
There is no limit to the amount of data that you can enter into ChurchPro.
Is ChurchPro networkable?
Can ChurchPro be used with Phone Tree?
Do you provide tax updates?
Yes. We provide yearly tax updates for $99.
How often are new versions of ChurchPro released?
A new version of ChurchPro is released every year.
Is there an online option?
Yes. Click here to learn more.
Is there a backup utility built into ChurchPro?
Do you provide backup services?
Yes. Click here to learn more.
Are reports in ChurchPro customizable?
Yes. As of ChurchPro 2014, the new Drill Down Filter will allow you to customize the information that appears on reports.
Are letters in ChurchPro customizable?
Yes, letters are customizable.
Does ChurchPro offer any password protection features?
Yes. You can password protect individual modules and/or set up user accounts.
Are taxes automatically calculated in payroll?
Yes, taxes will be automatically calculated when you do your payroll.
Can I run ChurchPro on my tablet or smartphone device?

If you have the online version of ChurchPro, you can access ChurchPro from your tablet or smartphone by downloading the Citrix Receiver app.

If you have the standalone version and are using a Mac computer with Parallels installed, you can download the Parallels app on your tablet/smartphone and run ChurchPro that way.

If you are using a PC, or would prefer a different option on the Mac, you may also use Join.Me or the LogMeIn App to remote in to your desktop or laptop computer from your tablet or smartphone.