Data Conversion Service

You will be happy to know that we can transfer your names and addresses into ChurchPro. This means that you will not have to spend hours retyping your data. We convert the following information: First name, last name, address, city, state, zip, email address, phone numbers, gender, marital status, date of birth, spouse and personal title.

Most software programs will export your data into one of the following formats. We need your data in one of the formats below:

.csv (Comma Separated Value)

.txt (ASCII text)

.db (Paradox)

.dbf (dbase)

.xls and .xlsx (Excel)

.accdb and .mdb (Access)

We do not convert any financial data because we use so many more data fields than other programs and if converted, these fields would be missing data that ChurchPro needs. This may sound simplistic, but ChurchPro is a powerful tool that needs the data that your current program does not have.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of ChurchPro, the upgrade module included in the program will copy your data into your newest version. Instructions will be included with your upgrade. It is that easy.


Allowing ChurchPro to handle your data conversion provides you with:

Peace of mind. Our data transfer personnel are well acquainted with the ChurchPro table and field structure designs. Our years of experience in transferring data from other systems into our products will enable you to get started quickly entering your contributions and other ChurchPro information.

Keep your "getting started" time during your transition period to ChurchPro at a minimum. Our typical "turn-around" time for data transfer services is 3 business days. We deliver to you your data in a ChurchPro data file via email or we will remote connect and copy it to your computer. It doesn't get any easier than that.

We recalculate your data to fill in missing data that ChurchPro needs. For example: the month of birth, the age, and the first letter of last name. We fix state fields, format phone numbers, and several other fields.


Up to 500 Records
501-1000 Records
Over 3000 Records
$40 per each additional 500 members


Call to order: 443-640-6181 or 443-640-6393