You can backup your data in our secure state-of-the-art Data Bank. Data Bank gives you protection against the unexpected.

Why Data Bank?

1. ChurchPro data needs to be stored off-site in case of a fire or theft.

2. Your backup to flash drive or CD may get lost, damaged, or simply fail.

3. Sometimes people backup the wrong data or no data at all.

4. People are reluctant to backup because it is time consuming.

5. Sometimes people do not know how to backup.

In the event of such a disaster, you can have peace of mind with your own Data Bank.

We do the setup work via a remote connection as long as you have a high-speed internet connection.

The backup is automatic - No buttons to click, no disk to burn, no time waiting for flash drives. Data Bank can be configured to backup any day or days of the week, month, or even daily.

Your data is secure in a state-of-the-art data center.

Data Bank is reliable - Fire suppression technology is in place.

Restoration is easy - Restores to original or other location.

Getting started is easy - Only one step! Call us today.

For only pennies a day you can have your own Data Bank.


One-time initial setup cost of only $39.

One year backup.................$119.40

Two year backup.................$214.80 ($107.40 per year)

Three year backup..............$286.20 ($95.40 per year)



or call us at 443-640-6181