ChurchPro Features

Version Comparison

ChurchPro is available in 3 different versions: Basic, Complete, and Business. Click below to learn more about the features that are specific to each version. Please note that ChurchPro Online includes all the same features as ChurchPro Complete.

ChurchPro Basic

BasicThe Basic version includes mostly non-financial features of the software. It does include the Contributions Module and year-end thank you letters and receipt of giving that conforms to IRS requirements. The ChurchPro Basic version gives you over 175 forms and 600 reports to help you manage every aspect of your church. It does not include the ability to do payroll, track expenses budgets, accounts payable and receivable.

ChurchPro Complete

CompleteThe Complete version has all the features of the Basic version plus the ability to write checks, do budgeting, payroll, fund accounting, and accounts payable. ChurchPro Complete has professionally designed financial reports. There are over 800 premade reports and over 250 forms. ChurchPro is one of the most popular software programs on the market and is proven in the workplace. ChurchPro Complete is your all-in-one church management system.

ChurchPro Business

BusinessThe Business version has all the features of ChurchPro Basic and Complete plus an accounts receivable module and modules for daycare and nursery school users to help keep track of tuition and billing. ChurchPro Business will not calculate grades. Read the chart below to learn more.

ChurchPro Online

BusinessChurchPro is now available in the cloud! Enjoy the convenience of accessing your files online from virtually anywhere in the world and the added capability of running ChurchPro on your tablet or smart phone. Click here to learn more.

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ChurchPro Basic
ChurchPro Complete
ChurchPro Business
Personal & Family Demographics
Membership Status
Sunday School Rollsheet
Sunday School Attendance
Worship Attendance
Small Group Tracking
Contributions & Pledges
Rapid Offering Recorder
Contribution Statements
Visitor Tracking
Outreach Letters
Visitation Tracking
Outreach Call Center
Auto Dialer
E-mailer & Broadcaster
Color Church Directory
Audio Files
Member Profiles
Spiritual Gifts
Call Pad
To-Do Lists
Digital Signatures
Cemetary Module
Youth Ministry
Print Labels
Addresses Envelopes
Store Inventory
Music Ministry
Bus Ministry
Event Manager
Building Scheduler
In/Out Board
Library Check-In/Out
Standard Letters
Password Protection
Custom Letters
Vendor Files
Memorize Checks
Accounts Payable
Print Checks
Print Tax Forms
Pastor Payroll Requirements
Rapid Payroll Recorder
Payroll Calculations
Monthly Financial Reports
Print Payroll Checks
Daycare & School Modules
Accounts Receivable


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