ChurchPro 2013

Many new useful features have been added to ChurchPro 2013. Click the boxes below to learn more about the new features.

New Tiles on the Main Menu

New tiles on the Main Menu that are inspired by Windows 8. These tiles are customizable and you can set the path of the tiles to open to a program of your choice. In addition, you can change the color of the tiles in the set colors module. You will also find that there have been new colors added to the set colors module.

Access all of your media files from within ChurchPro, saving you time. You no longer have to leave ChurchPro to access and switch to other programs. This is done by using the new tiles on the Main Menu. The tiles can be customized to take you to the following programs:


Word Processor

Web Browser

Favorite Websites

ChurchPro Calendar

Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Web Maps such as Google Maps or Mapquest

Music and Movies (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.)


New Feature: Accounts may be made inactive for future transactions. Click a button to make it active again. Past transactions are not affected.

New Feature: The Balance Sheet will no longer show Checking accounts that have a $0.00 balance.

New Feature: Memorized transactions may be selected as recurring. All recurring transactions that are selected are added to the check register when the "Add Recurring" button is clicked. A "Clear Recurring" button has been added for clearing all selected transactions.

New Feature: Checking table view may easily be filtered by clicking a button to see all records associated with the filtered values. For example: To see all "Tithe Inc" records, click the "F" button ("F" for "Filter") beside "Tithe Inc" in the category column. To see all records for John Doe click the "F" button beside John Doe in the payee column. The same applies for dates, account types, bank accounts, and more.

New Feature: Activity In Any Group gives you a report of all activities in any group. For example: you could set up a youth camp group then set up an income and expense account under that group and get a report that shows income minus expenses equals balance.

New Feature: All Transfers Report will now sum debit and credits by date and give a total for all dates at the bottom of the report.

New Report: Four giving reports fixed to offer print options when run.

Fix: Giving moves correctly to category field when tab key is pressed and check number is blank.

New Feature: Employees' sick, personal, and vacation days will automatically increase when an absent record is entered and the reason input.

New Feature: Employees' sick, personal, and vacation days will automatically decrease when an absent record is deleted.

New Feature: You can clear data by dates from the Accounts Payables module. This feature uses the invoice date.

Other minor improvements to the sick, personal, and vacation days.

A View Check button and Print Payroll button was put on the Post Payroll module.

Five New Accounts Receivables Reports:

1. Items marked for deposit

2. Payments by category

3. Charges by category

4. Accounts Receivable Register

5. Daycare and school type

Fix for Past Due reports in accounts receivables.

Updates to Accounts Payable

Three filter buttons added to the accounts table view. Filter buttons are activated by clicking the "F" button. The following filters have been added:

All invoices for a certain date

All invoices for a specific accounts

All invoices marked for payment

All invoices for a vendor

Click the "Show All Not Splits" button to cancel the filter on the table view. This is the default.

Click the "Show All Records" button to cancel the filter and show even the split entries.

New 2013 Tax Tables (When available)

941, W-2, W-3, and 1099 Misc. forms updated for 2013

General Features

New Mailing Features

All standard and user-created letters will now allow you to paste into the body of the letter from Microsoft Word. In earlier versions you would get a message saying "This is not an RTF file".

Paste from the clipboard using the "Paste Clipboard" button.

Delete buttons have been added to all standard and user-created letters.

Notebook items on the standard letteres have been optimized for appearance.

New Self Check-In Features:

After you touch the screen to begin, self check-in for SSchool, Church, and Groups attendance login is a one-step process with a barcode scanner. Just scan your barcode and you are checked in.

The "Locate" button has been removed from the check-in process for both those using a scanner and those not using a scanner, making it easier to log in.

New Report: Print individual's record information for one person.

New Feature: Date Last Attended added to SSchool form of the Church file.

New Feature: Both of the Deacons reports will word-wrap text.

New Modules

1. The new Track Letters module is tied to people in the database. The track letters table view shows you all letters to everybody.

When you mark some to receive a letter and click the "Track" button, this new module keeps a history of the following letters you send: Visitor, Sick, Hospital, Acquaintance, Prayed For You, Benevolence, Baby, Thank-You, User Created, Membership, Baptism, Professed Faith, and Other.

You can filter for letters by date or letters by type. Simply click the "F" button to get the results you want.

You can filter for letters on a date then letters of a certain type for that date.

You can track handwritten letters to individuals or track them in the letters table view.

2. Print your own letterheads in full color.

Customize home, cell, office, and fax phone.

Add e-mail address and web address.

Add church name, address, city, state, zip.

Add full color photos of staff members. Choose order of staff photos on letterhead.

Choose staff members to be included on letterhead.

Add logo to letterhead.

Add slogan and physical location.

Setup users' page with photo that doubles for login list.

3. New Action Tracker Module

Track anything from events to problems and anything anytime. Example: Track everything about a building program or project.

This module will track contact information, events related to an action, report whether the action is open or close and track dates, day, and time related to an action.

New Report: List of All Actions by Date

New Report: List of Open Actions

New Report: Track an Action

Enter supporting graphics such as scanned letters or contracts, etc.

Unlock numbers are hidden after they are entered.

Admin password added to its own table file for security and functional purposes.

Cemetery Module Reworked

This module is now linked to the main database.

A table has been added to list lots owned by a person.

The deceased can also be maintained in this module. The deceased check box from the church file has been added to this module.

You can add a graphic of all plots in the cemetery.

New notebook tab of all lots.

New notebook tab of all lots owned by a person.

New notebook tab where you can plot on a table grid that resembles a cemetery layout, the lot numbers, and whether sold or unsold.

New Report: Cemetery Lots By Lot Owner Name

New Report: Cemetery Lots By Lot Number

New Report: Cemetery Lots By Row Number

New Report: Cemetery Lots By Section Number

New Report: Lots Grouped By Sold & Unsold

New Report: Deceased List of Anybody. In prior version it was deceased church members.

New Feature: You can enter place of internment in the Church File in the new deceased section on the membership tab of the church file.


5 New Reports that sort groups by last name in addition to sorting family number:

1. Automatic or alternate date on class roll sheets.

2. Automatic or alternate date on absentee sheets.

3. Automatic or alternate date on attendance sheets.

4. Page breaks removed from attendance sheets.

5. All group rolls run date is now a blank line for writing in the date of the meeting.

Ministry Positions are now definable form the setup form on the clear data/ministry tab.

You can choose an alternate Main Menu with icons that have a black background with shades of gray/black when highlighted. It is similar to the Windows task bar or the icon bar on the Mac.