Why Buy?

The company behind the software makes the difference. We have been supplying software to churches for over 18 years. We think it is important to make an informed decision when purchasing church management software. Asking the right questions will most assuredly get you the most features for the money. Take a look at the list below and you will see why ChurchPro will give you more features than any other software system for one low price guaranteed! You get all the modules for one low price.

Beware of software reviews and surveys that tell only half the truth. We have provided an extensive list below because we want you to know about the great features in our software. There are reviews/sites on the internet that, supposedly for free, will help you make an informed decision and yet lead you back to our competitors because they spend the money advertising with them.

You may not be able to utilize everything that ChurchPro has to offer right away, but as your church grows, the features you need will already be there. You will NOT have to switch to another software company to get the features you need.

Note: ChurchPro is an all-in-one system. You do NOT need to export your data or buy other software to make the financials work. If you wish, you can export to Excel.

Note: Some companies place a limit on the number of calls or the amount of time you can spend with technical support. With us, you are not limited on tech support calls either by time or the number of calls when you have free or paid tech support.

Note: You get a free install on the primary user's home computer and Pastor's laptop computer.

Note: You may enter unlimited records in the database for the same low price.


  • We have been in business for over 18 years
  • We provide references upon request
  • We offer a 30 day money back guarantee
  • We offer 90 days of free unlimited tech support with each new purchase
  • Our staff is friendly and patient
  • Our tech support pricing is among the lowest in the industry.


  • ChurchPro is an all-in-one management program.
  • You do not have to export data into another program to make the finances work
  • You do not have to buy other programs to make your finances work with ChurchPro
  • ChurchPro will run in the cloud*
  • ChurchPro will run on an iPad and smart phone*
  • ChurchPro will work with Dropbox
  • There is no limit to the amount of records that you can enter into ChurchPro
  • You can cut, copy and paste photos into people's records
  • You can work from home and access data at your church**
  • ChurchPro works with PhoneTree
  • ChurchPro will run on a Mac as long as you either have a Windows environment installed or you have ChurchPro Online.
  • Reports can be published to .rtf format and/or Excel spreadsheets
  • ChurchPro has over 800 professionally designed built-in reports
  • ChurchPro has over 300 form windows for entering information
  • There are video tutorials included in the program
  • You can print to a .pdf file by using a 3rd party software
  • Reports can be published to a web page via Microsoft Word or WordPerfect
  • You can e-mail reports
  • You can check people in using barcodes


* Requires ChurchPro Online

** Requires GoToMyPC or other remote-in software


  • You can scan checks into ChurchPro's contribution module
  • We offer online donations via Blue Fire Donations. They will handle everything from start to finish including your webpage and merchant account.
  • ChurchPro includes Easy Calc and Print Deposit information
  • ChurchPro has a Rapid Offering Recorder for spreadsheet-like data entry and will allow you to split the entry all at speeds as fast or faster than check scanning
  • The year-end giving receipt meets IRS requirements
  • ChurchPro has a quick search feature to locate givers
  • A mail merge giving letter can be sent each month, quarter, and year
  • ChurchPro will do pledges and deduct it automatically from pledge amount
  • You can post gifts to income accounts and funds
  • ChurchPro supports the envelope system and envelope numbers can be reassigned
  • You can track non-deductable contributions
  • You can track tithes separate from offerings
  • You can track whether a gift is a general fund, designated, or non-cash donation
  • You can track non-cash gifts
  • Gifts in kind satisfy pledges
  • You can split a gift using a split module
  • You can password protect all of your data
  • You can duplicate and delete split entries for donations
  • You can designate a donation to a particular bank account
  • You can attach a note to a donation


  • ChurchPro has a Rapid Payroll module that quickly duplicates another payroll period and allows you to make changes before printing
  • Payroll posts to checking with the click of two buttons
  • Split federal and other deductions are automatically posted into the checking account
  • The payroll module tracks background checks
  • Payroll automatically calculates federal tax, medical tax, and FICA
  • Payroll will handle both 1099 employees and 1099 vendors
  • ChurchPro will calculate and print 941, W-2, and W-3 forms
  • Payroll checks show YTD information
  • You can track sick, personal, and vacation days and print a calendar with a vacation schedule
  • ChurchPro offers barcode scanning to clock-in
  • You can track employee discipline, hiring, termination, etc.
  • We provide updated federal tax tables and forms as an option each year
  • You may enter default amounts to deduct from payroll
  • The Payroll module will handle clergy housing and clergy reimbersements
  • ChurchPro will allow you to do bedfore and after tax deductions
  • You can administer a cafeteria plan in payroll
  • We do not offer tax tables for all states, but you can duplicate previous entries once you have entered state information
  • Payroll has a time clock


  • We offer 90 days of free unlimited tech support with each new purchase
  • Unlimited calling to tech support line with unlimited minutes*
  • We offer fee-based training by the hour
  • Manuals and tutorials will be provided with every purchase
  • We offer on-site training to certain areas
  • If you are unable to get in touch with a tech agent when you call, leave a message and someone will get back with you as soon as possible and on the same day, guaranteed.
  • Tech agents can remote into your computer to solve your problems and errors. Requires a high speed internet connection*


* Requires Technical Support Agreement if not within initial 90 free days

Other Accounting

  • ChurchPro has a built-in check register for entering checks
  • ChurchPro has a check writing screen that translates money into words
  • Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports are built in
  • Treasurer's Reports and Profit and Loss Statement reports are built in
  • You can handle fixed assets and long term liabilities in ChurchPro
  • ChurchPro uses fund accounting
  • You can do fund and bank account transfers automatically in ChurchPro
  • ChurchPro pulls transactions automatically, thus eliminating the need for a general ledger
  • You can do ledger transfers and handle petty cash
  • CDs and money markets can be tracked in ChurchPro
  • Electronic fund transfers can be tracked
  • Checks can be voided automatically, including split checks
  • You can split checks and deposits
  • You can setup and print out a church budget
  • Account names can be setup with or without numbers
  • ChurchPro will allow you to manage multiple checking and savings accounts and CDs


  • ChurchPro can be networked on up to 99 computers*
  • Two people can view data in ChurchPro at the same time*
  • Two people can view and edit data in two different modules at the same time*
  • ChurchPro runs on any Windows operating system including Windows 8
  • We offer an optional online backup service through DataBank. We install it for you.
  • Two people cannot edit data at the same time in the same module because the record locks to protect data integrity
  • ChurchPro has a built-in table repair utility
  • ChurchPro has built-in backup support for Flash, USB, and External Hard Drives


* Requires additional licenses


  • User logins and unique user passwords
  • Password protection for tables
  • Password protection for individual users
  • Full and restricted user rights
  • Assign user levels such as read only or full rights

Ministry and Self Check-In

  • ChurchPro is touch-screen compatible
  • ChurchPro has secure child check-in
  • Self check-in is possible
  • Barcodes can be used to check people in. Requires barcode scanner.
  • ChurchPro tracks SSchool and church attendance
  • ChurchPro tracks youth ministry, music ministry, and bus ministry
  • You can track Christian service and talents
  • ChurchPro has a visitation/outreach module
  • You can track small and large groups including cell groups


  • You can make a church calendar
  • You can import events from the events module into the calendar
  • ChurchPro has a built-in appointment scheduler
  • ChurchPro has a built-in to-do list
  • You can track the whereabouts of employees
  • You can post messages globally to all staff members
  • ChurchPro can link with an online internet calendar
  • You can make an order of service in ChurchPro
  • ChurchPro can track your meetings
  • ChurchPro can track you counseling sessions
  • ChurchPro has a built-in business meeting module that will also keep track of the length of the meetings
  • You can track events for any group
  • You can make your church bulletin from within ChurchPro


  • ChurchPro has a maintenance tracker
  • ChurcPro has a purchase tracker with pertinent information about the purchased item, such as serial number, when and where purchased.
  • ChurchPro has a Fix Me tracker that keeps track of anything that needs repair or attention
  • ChurchPro allows you to schedule the use of buildings and rooms


  • You can send SMS text messages to individuals and groups
  • You can print mailing labels for any group or individual
  • ChurchPro does postnet barcodes
  • ChurchPro allows for the creation of new mail merge letters
  • ChurchPro has standard letters for visitors, the sick, people in the hospital, new members, and more built in to the program. All of these letters can be customized.
  • ChurchPro supports seasonal labels
  • ChurchPro has letters and lables to absentees
  • You can send e-mail messages as long as the e-mail program is installed
  • You can send dynamic letters and print dynamic labels querying several codes
  • You can scan a signature file so that you do not have to sign every letter. Note: This may only be done on user-defined letters
  • You can print thank-you letters at the end of the year to contributors
  • You can send letters to absentees
  • You can CASS certify you mailing list (available as an option)


  • ChurchPro prints full color photo directories
  • ChurchPro's built-in Qwik Trakker™ puts weekly tasks at your finger tips
  • You can print birthday and anniversary lists
  • ChurchPro has a small and large groups tracker
  • ChurchPro allows for dynamic codes and reports
  • ChurchPro can keep track of hobbies and interests for each person in your database
  • Margins can be adjusted on some reports
  • ChurchPro has a library module, inventory module, and bookstore module
  • ChurchPro can link to an internet map program

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