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Four Ways to Order ChurchPro Online

1. Fax order form to (410) 272-9060

2. Attach order form to an e-mail and send to

3. Call to order: (410) 272-0941 or (410) 306-6550

4. Mail order form to:


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ChurchPro Online has an initial one-time setup fee of $75 per user and a monthly fee of $55 for one user and $30 for each additional user (ex: 2 users would cost $85 a month with a $150 setup fee).


What features are included with ChurchPro Online?
All of the features in ChurchPro Complete are included in ChurchPro Online with the exception of e-mailing and SMS text messaging.
What do I pay up front?
You are required to pay 2 months payment in addition to any setup fees up front.
Do I get automatic upgrades?
No, upgrades and tax tables are sold separately. However, keep in mind that you are not required to upgrade every year and that you only need to upgrade your tax tables if you use payroll.
Is tech support included?
Like the standalone version, you will get 90 days of free tech support with your initial purchase and if you would like to add to that you may purchase additional tech support at any time for $249 per year.